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Who? When? Why? What?


"Hard Drive to Hard Drive"


My name is Stefan and I'm a Romanian artist living in Dublin, Ireland.


This is the story of an unlikely adventure I wasn't expecting but I'm glad I accepted.

Lockdown and Covid-19 killed any hope for live music during Summer and Autumn of 2020. All I could do was stay indoors and remember the good-old-days when one could head out to catch a gig. Music is an important part of my life and I have to admit it: I wasn't in a very good place.

Squirrelled away from the virus that changed our lives so profoundly in 2020, I found myself back in front of a computer, with a strong desire to make music. It was one of those "now or never" moments you only see in movies, one of those battles with self-doubt that could perhaps make or break someone. It was a creative challenge the likes of which I had never faced before. I used to write songs in my pre-Covid19 life but this... this was different.


I pushed outside my comfort zone, I slowly wandered outside the beaten path, trading comfort for enchanted roads I never had the courage to visit in the other life, pre-isolation. Unexpectedly, songs were born - in fact, miraculously, the adventure continues and ideas for new songs are still being born as you read these very words. Who knows what surprises will 2021 bring?

Under normal circumstances, I would have perhaps patiently waited for a specific moment & the appropriate budget to add the standard layer of paint I know that the industry has come to "require".


However the last few months have taught me that life is short, far more fragile than we realise. Today's limitations are not normal circumstances by any stretch and it's quite possible our world will never return to what it used to be - for that reason, I decided to send these home-recorded demos, these wordless confessions into the wild without any further ado. No fancy paint jobs, just music I assembled and edited by myself, in my room. This is the story of "Hard Drive to Hard Drive".


All that's left is for you to push play.


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