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"Heart Machine"

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My journey of self-discovery through music continues with the third instalment of the “Hard Drive to Hard Drive” series of home-recorded demos - this one's name is “Heart Machine” and it is called like this for a reason.


Lately, I’ve developed a keen interest in the benefits of patterns and algorithms - the predictable, mathematical part of our daily life. Routine was the name of the game during the last year of lockdown and I’ve slowly but surely opened up to the idea that routine has its own kind of beauty and it can actually do some good. 


Once I realised what I was doing in my personal life, I decided to explore this angle in my music too. “Heart Machine” is once again a purely instrumental endeavour.  I consciously set up to create songs based around a few bars-worth of themes that are usually performed using synth sounds. The rhythm section on most songs is also centred around the electronic. Overall, I performed most of the parts recorded having in mind a Blade Runner-like palette of sharp sounds and saturated colours & feelings. 


The new songs continue to have a heart (and tell a story of love, life & death) but the digital, machine-like part of this project’s name is more prevalent this time around. The result is my personal cyberpunk odyssey, a profoundly subjective deep dive into the 21st-century fight between what we are as human beings and what we are as digital avatars.


Will you push play?


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