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Who? When? Why? What?


"Open Secrets"

Photoshoot album 2 ASDW-9994.jpg

As the borders of our external world closed, the only places left for us to visit were (and still are) the peaks and valleys of our inner world. Lockdown opened a lot of opportunities for self-evaluation and in the months since we last spoke, I had quite a few chances to feel, understand and attempt to heal. My last few months have been quite intense.


It feels unambiguously evident the world has changed and the change is irreversible - add this to the sudden, profound realisation of my quasi-old age and you'll get a cocktail of emotions that's pretty tricky to consume and stay sane.


Luckily, music has always been a way to explore my dark corners, to share my feelings and my thoughts in a way other people could understand, accept and/or embrace. Emotions spoke to me and I took the time to write everything down, to assemble the words I heard and felt into something that could be labelled (generously) as poetry.


The concept for the execution remains the same: no fancy paint jobs, just music I assembled and edited by myself, in my room. "Hard Drive to Hard Drive" is a purely instrumental adventure but its follow-up is bravely venturing in another direction - "Open Secrets" is carefully balancing music and spoken word, trying its best to let you know who I am today


Maybe it doesn't mean anything but you are reading these words right now so... why not push play, stick around for about 20 minutes and find out what's it all about?


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